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Attention • Value • Process

Do you have a process to ensure that you work towards the most valuable goals possible for your business, professional life, and/or personal life? 

  • How do you stay on task?

  • How do you reevaluate your goals?

  • How do you track your progress?

  • Do you work on your most critical project between other tasks, or have you carved out dedicated time for it when you have the most energy, attention, and focus and can make the highest level of impact?

Let my system, 30 years in the making, help you get the most important work done!

Get signed up today by clicking HERE.


The first step is to determine your wants vs your needs and where the real value is.

Value is always determined by the 'customer'. In some circumstances, that's you. Other times, it can be your boss. Perhaps your spouse. There are other scenarios where it can be a peer and, of course, there are many cases when the customer is just what it sounds like, the person buying your goods or services. 

My worksheet on value, located here, can help you determine what is valued and how to unlock more of it.


You must determine what part of the day you typically have the highest energy and tremendous focus. It only makes sense that a person would want to work on their most important tasks when they are at their best. Are you a morning person? Do you peak at the lunch hour? Do you do your best in the evening.

There is a simple way to figure out when you should have the most energy. Download the worksheet I developed, here, to determine what part of the day you should be at your mental and physical peak.

... And More ...

Is that all there is to it? 

Of course not.

  • You need deadlines.

  • You need to turn larger goals into smaller actionable steps.

  • You need flexibility at the tactical (short term) level and rigidness at the strategic (long term) level.

  • You need to record and review your progress.

I have a 3 Month - 1 Month - 1 Week - 1 Day System that addresses these needs and more. 

And, of course, Training and Coaching for AVP

Did Derek Jeter train himself how to play shortstop? Of course not.

Did Michael Jordan wake up one day and decide he didn't need Phil Jackson? Hardly.

In this case, TRAINING will give you instruction and examples in how to use the system and turn you loose.

COACHING, on the other hand, will provide: Ongoing Encouragement. Monitoring. Feedback. Discipline.

Are you committed to real improvement?

Get a jumpstart and sign up for Professional Training HERE.

Are you goals and objectives high value? Can making changes add up to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings or increased revenue? Sign up for Professional Coaching HERE.

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