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TOC Coaching


Step 1
Wants and Needs

The first step is a conversation exploring your wants and desires. We systematically dig deeper and deeper, peeling back the layers until we arrive at what you need and ensure that it is in alignment with your core values.

Now we have a condition that needs improvement.

Now we have a goal.


Step 2

What constraint prevents you from achieving your goal?

Not 20.

Not 5.

Not 2.

Just the biggest one.

That will be our singular focus.


Step 3
Customized Plan

We build a strategy and design your unique roadmap of action steps and resource allocation that move you toward your objective.

No two situations are the same.

Your goal will be uniquely yours.

So will your constraint.

And so will YOUR plan.


Step 4
Execution & Accountability

With the Plan in place, now we launch.

Changes are implemented.

Resources will be reallocated.

Results will be measured.

The constraint will be eliminated or additional resources will be brought to bear.

You will be coached along the way to keep you on target.

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