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Strategic Plan

Is your business performing at the level that it should be?

If not, it might be time to review your Strategic Plan.

Is your Strategic Plan:

  • Utilized?

  • Current?

  • Comprehensible?

  • Disseminated?

  • Based on Your Corporate Values?

  • Goal Oriented?

  • Aggressive?

Utilized & Current

You don't have a Strategic Plan if nobody in your organization looks at, discusses, reviews, or utilizes your Strategic Planning Documents. You have paper taking up space in a filing cabinet somewhere. To me, that says those documents are not good enough for your company. They are not relevant. They do not provide any value and should be replaced.

Has your Strategic Plan been reviewed in the last 18 months?

If not, why?

Has nothing changed in your company or the competitive landscape?


They need to be current.

Comprehensible & Dissemminated

Has your Strategic Plan been disseminated (all or in part) to your stakeholders?

Have you used it to produce a Mission Statement?

A Vision Statement?

An Organizational Values Summary?

If you have these Documents, have they been distributed? 

Has some component of your Strategic Plan been communicated to every employee, vendor, and customer?

Based On Your Company Values

If your Strategic Plan does not clearly outline your Core Beliefs, it is not as effective as it could be.

Clarifying the concepts that you hold dear and sharing them will help bridge the gap between your management, employees, and other stakeholders.


Goal Oriented and Aggressive

If your Plan does not include measurable GOALS, why not?

It's okay for some of them to stretch your capabilities. 

Just make sure they are something that all the stakeholders VALUE.

We all know the underlying goal is profit, but this is YOUR chance to make sure the other reasons why the organization exists are put down on paper and shared with those that need to know them.

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